The brand new BMW G 450 X Trail Bike

There is never a fraction too much traction when it comes to off-road riding.

And BMW promises just that with its BMW G 450 X, its first move into the highly competitive enduro and trail bike market. And surprisingly the bike matches the hype.

Not only is this bike a traction action machine, it would also be reasonably priced, has good service intervals, competitive 111kg weight and a little bit more then 50 horsepower, the latest in fuel injection, easy maintenance, long sprocket life and advanced technology.

BMW Motorrad marketing manager Miles Davis believes it could become their top seller.
However, convincing the average trail rider to switch brand allegiances from their reliable Japanese performer to something European and untested that they fear could leave them stranded in the bush or spending hours in maintenance will be a hard sell for BMW.

'But a lot of people are excited that BMW has stepped into this segment,' he said. 'It is a highly anticipated bike which has been tested in the World Endurance Championship and at tough events such as the Erzberg Enduro.'

Traction is so good it takes a bit of time to get used to the fact the tail won't slide out in corners as readily as you might expect.

It is a simple bike to ride well. The ergonomics are good with a narrow seat that allows you to pull all the way forward as the fuel cap is at the back, feeding into the underseat tank.

That eight-liter tank helps drop the center of gravity so that the 121kg wet eight feels more like a 250. And after a full day of romping through bogs and mashes on any other 450, we would have been totally exhausted.

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