The Voxan Black Magic a Good French Friend

The only French motorcycle manufacturer is offering the Voxan Black Magic on a limited scale, for some time now.

The engine is in-house 72-degree 996cc V-twin. This engine is capable of producing about 100horsepower. The Black Magic, Voxan's take on classic cafe racer styling, and quite different form the existing faired 'Cafe Racer' and 'Street Scrambler'.

Styled by Sacha Lakic, the Voxan Black Magic certainly looks the part, a seductive combination of black and stainless steel, without a hint of chrome or carbon. Clip-on-like bars, rear-set foot-rests and what appears to be a single seat (which it isn't, there's a tailcover that can be removed if you find a brave enough pillion, and you'll also need to fit the optional pillion pegs) add to the cafe racer style, completed by large analogue clocks and high-level exhausts.
We had the chance to ride the Black Magic on our trip to France. Fire-up the V-twin, and the standard stainless steel cans give an authentically caff racing blat. The riding position is pretty authentic, too, and trundling through the villages and forest, then keeping to the local speed limit imposed to protect the local ponies, left me with aching wrists, I wanted to see the bikes own ponies. The Black Magic isn't really happy trundling below 2500rpm, especially in sixth, so it's best to use fifth or fourth in town.

Out beyond the city limits, everything begins to slot into place. Over 100km/h, the wind takes the pressure off your wrists, and the Voxan V-twin bellows its way up the rev range in a very pleasing manner. The spread of power is very broad, with useful urge from 2500rpm, then another surge from 4500 up to the 9500rpm red line. It certainly feels fast enough to justify those Ace Cafe astetics.

All the urge of the big V-twin is accompanied by some pleasant, thuddy vibes that don't get in the way of your enjoyment. It's also nicely high geared, with 90km/h equating to 3000rpm.

Cruising around, at 60km/h, I didn't get much of a chance to assess the Voxan's handling but, on my brief blast of speed, it certainly felt taut and secure. The adjustable up-side-down front forks and horizontal rear shock feel supple and compliant, and the brakes (familiar 320mm Brembo twin disc at the front) are progressively powerful.
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