The Track T-800CDI, the Diesel Motorcycle

Feast your eyes on a moment in history. There have been a few diesels in the past, but this is, as far as we know, the first attempt at a serious, modern roadbike. Designed and build by EVA Products in the Netherlands, this diesel motorcycle uses an 800cc inline triple Daimlier-Chrysler Turbo Intercooled engine to power a road legal adventure bike.

It has a top speed of 185km/h, 50 horses on the rear wheel and it features a fly-by-wire throttle, programmable engine management, JCB-level torque, high quality, WP suspension, quadruple headlights, and shaft drive. It comes with the most amazing range of optional extras. Among them is aluminum luggage, a 50-liter fuel tank, ABS, a lifting device for spills in desert sand and, incredible, two-wheel drive, using a patented hydraulic system to give the front wheel up to 35 per cent of the torque. The power to the front wheel is fully adjustable.
But it's not only a diesel; it's a automatic too, using Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Though unfamiliar to bikes, CVT is common on diesels and allows the engine to operate in a very restricted, and highly efficient , range. The Track T800's ideal is 1800 to 3000rpm, at which point the torque is a staggering 146nm. The bike is capable of doing 0 to 100 in about 6.5 seconds. The real power of this diesel powered adventure bike is it's fuel consumption of 40km on a liter diesel.

The bike not only runs on ordinary diesel, the bike has not problems with all sorts of Bio-diesel, PPO (Pure Plant Oil), and GTL fuels (GTL fuels are crystal clear and free from sulfur and aromatic pollutants).
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