The Nolan X-Lite X-801R Helmet

This Nolan X-lite fits me well for my head shape and is still snug even after two years of wear. The light 1390grams shell lessens neck ache and the flush fitting quick release visor keeps wind noise to a minimum.

The Nolan X-lite X-801R comes with a pin lock anti fog visor system which is easy to fit and keeps things nice and clear up front in colder mornings. In the rain though things are different. A recent trip back from Khon Kaen in torrential motorway rain had water running down between the visor and anti fog shield meaning I could see less then nothing. Bloody terrifying and dangerous too as it's difficult to dry it out at the side of the motorway.
I've been pretty impressed with the Nolan X-801R, the vents work well and the finish is still excellent. The Tony Elias paint job is a winner for me although the updated version is much better in black and yellow. Just keep a packet of tissues handy if it pees down with rain. Anyway how long we have raining season in Thailand.

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