The New Sachs KikAss 125 Supermotard Style Fun Ride

The Sachs KikAss 125, it's road legal, it's a 125cc, and yet the Sachs KikAss 125 is hardly bigger than a Kawasaki KSR110, matter of fact it is even 10cm shorter then the KSR110, but the Sachs KikAss 125 has a bit higher seat height. While it looks tremendous fun, surely such a beast can't be both safe and practical?

With more attitude than a vanload of pit bull terriers, the latest machine to carry the Sachs name looks every bit the Supermotard, only much smaller.

Even with its diminutive size the Sachs KikAss 125 has the potential to be some bike. Weighing in at a measly 60kg dry the 125cc machine has a power-to-weight ratio akin to a small sport bike making the ride exciting and, above all, tremendous fun. Looking around the bike the high build quality is evident; smart styling and graphics make the Sachs KikAss 125 look superb, while gold anodized alloy parts add some icing on to an already tasty looking cake.

Riding the Sachs KikAss 125

Add a little choke; press the button on the right-hand switch assembly and the thumping four-stroke 125cc engine burst into life. From the off the single-cylinder power plant is sweet sounding and responsive to throttle demands. You just know this is going to be fun.

On the move, the four gears are gone through in quick succession; if you get the change at the correct point in the rev range, the front wheel can be kept aloft throughout this process greatly adding to the fun factor. For such a compact machine, the ride is stable, allowing the pace to be kept with the traffic flow in complete safety (although sitting so low down does take some getting used to).

Riding a Sachs KikAss 125 give us the feeling that the bike is a bit higher then the Kawasaki KSR110, the Sachs KikAss uses the same diameter 12" wheels as the Kawa, but maybe the rubber fitted is wider. The Sachs KikAss 125's roadholding is excellent, making the bike feel many times bigger than it actually is. Not letting the side down in any way is the twin disc set up, one on each wheel. The feel is as good as it gets while the stopping power is well in excess of the power and weight of the bike. Just as easy as the engine can lift the front wheel, the front brake can hoist the rear one aloft, making stopping a doddle to perform.

The Sachs 125cc engine is good strong unit, enabling you to leave the traffic well behind from a standstill, leaving nothing but its deep throated bellow from the end can. Ripping the road is tremendous fun too, making even the shortest of journeys one big hoot.

The Sachs KikAss 125 us well built and cleverly designed, with an easy to read, fully digital dash and super bright halogen head and tail-lights. The specification is far in excess of what you would expect for a mini motard. The Sachs KikAss 125, being smaller than a scooter to get out of the garage and it fits into the back of my car and could be taken almost anywhere as a form of transport or recreation (a good idea to take the KikAss 125 when visiting the family upcountry...)

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Thursday, 18 December 2008 @ 02:59 PM ICT
This bike kicks ass I like it


Monday, 15 February 2010 @ 03:01 AM ICT
In France, it is not sell... =(
Why? I want buy it...