The NCR Mike Hailwood TT at Ecima 2008

NCR is proud to announce a very limited edition motorcycle based on the most famous motorcycle victory of the millennium by Mike Hailwood when he won the World Championship at the Isle of Man TT in 1978 on a Ducati 900 NCR. To commemorate the 30th year anniversary, NCR announces a very limited edition motorcycle that incorporates the technology available today. The NCR Mike Hailwood TT features a full titanium frame, Titanium fasteners weighing only 5 Kg (11 lbs) and the latest Ohlins FGR900 forks to be used in MotoGP next, Carbon fiber wheels year.

Other incredible features include a F1 derived billet crankshaft, titanium connecting rods, titanium valves, titanium exhaust and titanium fasteners. Furthermore, the wheels and all bodywork are in carbon fiber thus tipping the scales at 299 lbs (136 Kg) while producing 130 hp.
The NCR Mike Hailwood TT will be unveiled at the EICMA Show on Tuesday, November 4th at the NCR stand in Hall 18, D60. Present will be Mrs. Pauline Hailwood and Mr. David Hailwood (Mike Hailwood's wife and son).

The Technical specs of the NCR Mike Hailwood® TT
  • New limited edition motorcycle,
  • Titanium frame,
  • Titanium exhaust,
  • Titanium connecting rods and valves,
  • Titanium fasteners,
  • Carbon fiber wheels,
  • Carbon fiber bodywork,
  • Only 12 to be built,
  • 299 lbs - 130 hp.
This bikes will retail for 5.5 million Baht (or US$130,000). And as this special collection bike are limited build, you can expect the price to go up only, as they are only 12 to be built.[Tag: NCR Mike Hailwood Ducati 900 Ohlins FGR900 MotoGP Isle-of-Man Carbon-Fiber Titanium Sportsbike
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