The Black Art of Engine Oil

Engine oil isn't very glamorous but according to some motorcycle racing experts, it's a key factor in the success of a winning race bike. That's why motorcycle racing teams are always teamed up with a petrol and lubrication brand.

Lubrication technicians and factories develop new, higher-performing, more efficient engine oils. Oil is the lifeblood of the engine and it's a key factor determining outright performance and reliability. Put simply, the better the oil, the more horsepower and reliability we can expect from a engine.

The best source of starting to make a top grade motor oil is by using the highly rated Arabian Light Crude oil. There is a difference between others and Arabian Light Crude oil. The Arabian Light Crude oil is recognized as a higher quality product, and that gives a distinct performance advantage straight away, the oil can be thinner to reduce friction within the engine and increase horsepower, while maintaining the protective properties of a thicker oil.
Oil is very much a black art, but through chemical mixing and years of expertise, oil companies will produce oil that will meet the exact needs of the engine as dictated by technicians. At the moment, the benefits of using a high grade engine oil is about 3 to 5 horsepower at the rear wheel on a average 600cc sportbike, throughout the rev range with no sacrifice in reliability.

A team manager of a motorcycle racing outfit said "When we have a highly tunes Superbike producing more than 200 horsepower, any sort of gain we can find is a major benefit" and "That makes the oil critical to our success, and it's why we take it seriously."
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