The Basic Air-Box Mod

One of the most asked question is probably how can I increase the performance of my motorcycle, we hear this from people riding 100cc to all the way up to 1000cc (and a few over). The answer and one of the simplest ways of unleashing a fraction more power is to have a look at your air-box.

On a track-bike, you're less likely to encounter mud, debris or flying stones, so you can afford to minimize the guards and funnels that guide the inflow of air and protect the engine's lungs. If you can reduce the resistance that restricts airflow into the air-box, it should breath more easily, like giving it a packet of Tunes to suck on.
Race teams sometimes take-things a step further and remove the actual air-box and air-filter. We're not going that far, but simply removing a little funnel at the front allows the air-box to breath on its own, suck more air if you like.

The next stage from here is to get and fit a race air-filter. Together, they don't made too much difference to the power figures but they do help make things a bit crisper; basically, if a bike breathes more easily, it also revs more freely.

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