The new Shark Raw Motorcycle Helmet

The new Shark Raw motorcycle helmet is just about the most exciting and innovative new helmet we've come across in a few years.

The Shark Raw is basically an open-face helmet, but comes with its own integrated pair of goggles and face guard. This pushes up over the top of the helmet when you don't need it, but it can be pulled down one-handed when you need the protection of a full-face. The special anti-fog visor Shark goggles are easy to wear even for riders wearing glasses...
Looking at the Shark Raw helmet we serious like the new design. It's available in a number of colors, the international office of Shark Helmets informed us that the helmets will be available at the end of March, but we not sure if the introduction date is also correct for Thailand.

The Shark Raw helmets are available in the sizes XS (which is 53 to 54cm), S (55 to 56cm), M (57 to 58cm) and XL (what is 61 to 62cm). The new Raw helmet is constructed from injected thermoplastic resin, the modern interior of the helmet is made from natural fiber and ventilation system using air vents and diffusers.Tag: Shark Raw Open-Face-Helmet Glasses Friendly Helmet Goggles Face-Guard
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