The Yamaha M-Slaz - Yamaha Entry M-Serie Naked-Bike

There’s not doubting the Yamaha M-Slaz visual appeal; at first glance it could easily be mistaken for an up-spec version of the Yamaha MT_03. The sporty single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 150cc engine is, borrowed from the YZF-R15, might only make just over 17 horsepower and 11Nm torque.

The chassis of the Yamaha M-Slaz has a heck of a cast list: upside down front forks, radial four-pot brake caliper, Deltabox-style steel frame, beefy asymmetrical swingarm, Y-shaped thin aluminum-alloy spoke wheels and a fashionable grey primer finish as per the Yamaha MT-10, MT-09 and MT-07.

With the superior exhaust design, a closer-fit belly pan and neater fuel tan, seat and tail unit, the Yamaha M-Slaz looks in a different class to some rivals.

So although the Yamaha M-Slaz is no worse than its rivals in terms of performance, spindly handling and, despite its front radial brake caliper, toothless braking, the Yamaha delivers just enough go along with its impressive styling show.

The suggested retail price for the Yamaha M-Slaz is 89,500 THB. The naked-bike styling and build quality is perfect as you would expect from Yamaha, and the motorcycle is surely worth the price. The Yamaha M-Slaz comes in Black, Red, Grey and Blue.

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