The Yamaha Fiore, 115cc Scooter with Fuel-Injection

The Yamaha Fiore scooter, with fuel-injection, is Yamaha latest creation, it comes with a modern design and it's perfect for enhancing your urban mobility. When you look at the Yamaha Fiore it's clear that the Yamaha hopes to repeat the success of the Fino.

The Yamaha Fiore is a tiny scoot. At 1795mm it don't dwarf anything on the market, it's 35mm smaller than the Fino, with only just enough room for my legs, while the front apron isn't very big. On the other-hand the wheelbase of the Yamaha Fiore is 10mm larger compared to the Fino.

Yamaha has equipped the Yamaha Fiore with a modern 113cc, 4-stroke SOHC, air-cooled engine which uses Yamaha newest YMJet with Smart Fuel-Injection. The engine performs well, but don expect sporty performance, as the engine is designed for excellent smooth riding and good fuel-economics, with a top speed of just under 100km/h (maybe better after the engine has loosen-up).
What does upset the little Yamaha Fiore is bumps. The Fiore has 12-inch wheels which brings twitchy, nervous steering and instability over undulations. On dry, smooth tarmac the Fiore handles fine and the 'nervous steering' is quite fun to flick the scooter through tight traffic. It's so much fun that you almost hope that the way to work is jammed up tight...

Also, there's another upside to those little wheels – they're in proportion to everything else on the scooter, so this Yamaha Fiore actually looks quite sweet. It seems well finished, as expected from Yamaha.

Yamaha Fiore's single-piston front disc and rear drum brakes are good enough for its performance and decent mirrors and good-turning capabilities aid in-town usability. The Yamaha Fiore makes a good city scooter, but if you are above average height, or need to commute on main roads, buy something else.Tag: Yamaha Fiore 115cc Air-Cooled Scooter YMJet-FI Single-Cylinder Commuting
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