The Yamaha Fino 125 - The First Flex Fuel Scooter

Yamaha Thailand launched one new scooter in the form of the Yamaha Fino 125 and surprised friend and foe with the scooter being the first of introducing flex-fueling to the Thai motorcycle market…

Most Thai motorcycle business insiders and critics expected that Honda would introduce the first flex-fuel motorcycle/scooter in Thailand. Flex-fueling in simple terms means that the vehicle can detect the ethanol level in the fuel and adjust the fueling according to the ethanol level. The Yamaha Fino 125 is able to detect ethanol from E00 up to E85 (from zero to 85 percent ethanol), Yamaha calls this new technology Flex-Fuel.
The Yamaha Fino 125 is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, 2 Valve SOHC engine, with a compression ratio of 9.5:1. The engine is equipped with Yamaha's latest version of the YMJet fuel injection system and the ECU has an additional interface for the ethanol level sensor.

Riding the Yamaha Fino 125 feels similar to the Fino 115, the suspension feels a bit better and the 125cc has surely more power… but most impressive is the any fuel is fine, you can fill up with E85 at PTT gas station for 17,89 THB per liter and when fill up later at Shell with E20 Gasohol for 20,79 THB and still get the same performance and kilometers per liter… and if you really out of reach of any of the bigger petrol stations you can fill up with gasohol or gasoline, without harming you engine.Tag: Yamaha Fino Fino-125 125cc Scooter CVT YMJet-FI Flex-Fuel Alternative-Fueling E85 E20 E10 Ethanol Technology
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