The Yamaha Fazer FZ6 as Used Bike

For buying a used Yamaha Fazer FZ6 the usual rules apply if you go looking around, be patient and be careful. Anything less than a good example should be either forgotten or bargained over. Older Yamaha Fazer's with not the right paperwork, or invoices and import papers, but without Thai registration and greenbook should not even be looked at – as it's a wast of time.

All sorts of people have owned Yamaha Fazers, so they've led very different lives. Be aware of ones that have not had the best service history and subject to amateurish home repairs. And avoid motorcycles that have been thrashed by those who should have had a supersport motorcycle but couldn't afford it. Double check the paperwork to see all is correct and give the Yamaha Fazer FS6 a good look over. Looked after, the Yamaha Fazer FZ6 lasts well. If it's neglected, it'll start looking rough and falling to bits.

The Yamaha Fazer FZ6's engine is one of its strongest features. Essentially a detuned Yamaha Thundercat engine, the in-line four is a tough nut and has passed many a reliability test on road and track. If it's been looked after the engine will sound sweet with no obvious ticks, rattles, rumbles or leaks.

The clutch on the Yamaha is a bit grappy, but as long as it's not slipping or dragging then it's fine. The gearbox isn't the stickest either. But provided its action isn't too slow or heavy then you shouldn't worry. One thing to concentrate on is the condition of the downpipes on early Yamaha Fazer models. With later models the downpipes was replaced by a stainless system. They don't have the strongest finish, and one single raining season can see them start to pit and rust badly. In time the balance pipe welds break and the downpipes have to be chucked away. A stainless steel aftermarket downpipes replacement is a good bet for the longer term. The black paint of the engine is prone to pitting and flaking.
Servicing intervals have been raised recently to every 9,000 kilometers. Working on the Yamaha Fazer FZ6 is very easy. Access to all areas is good and with a good toolkit, vacuum gauges, competent mechanic lots of problems can be resolved before happening.

Check the rev counter on start up. The needle should sweep round the tacho's face when the ignition is switched on and return to its stop. If it stays at 3,000rpm, then the throttle position sensor needs attention. Staying at 4,000rpm show problems with the speedo sensor.

If you fit an alternative end canister, make sure you fit a good carburetor kit to keep the fueling crisp. Fitting a one-tooth smaller gearbox sprocket will improved response in all gears.

The Yamaha's finish isn't durable enough for regular cleaning to be overlooked. The overall condition of the motorcycle will give you a good idea of how sympathetic its owner's been.

One of the best indications of how the Yamaha Fazer has been treated is the performance of its brakes. If the motorcycle has been cared for and serviced regularly then the brakes will e very sharp and strong – even by the latest standards. If they're weak, then care and attention has been missed. Look for scored or warped discs – they indicate the first signs of seizure. Genuine Yamaha pads reduce disc wear.

Even when it's fresh, the suspension is a bit soft. An aftermarket shock and revalved forks will improve suspension control significantly, especially on older, Yamaha Fazers with higher kilometers on the clock.

The headlight on the Yamaha Fazer FZ6 are very poor – only one of the low beam bulbs light up. To light both of them, track down the left-hand bar switch connector and find the unused green wire. Join this to the unused spade on the right hand bulb and night riding will be improved slightly.

Fitting a rear hugger will improve the life of the rear shock. A front mudguard extender will stop the engine crankcase paint chipping and the exhaust downpipes from rotting. Don't be tempted to fit a 170-section rear tire. All you'll notice is a more sluggish turn-in rate.

Screens can cause a lot of wind noise. An aftermarket double bubble screen can sort this. Keep the ignition switch lubed, otherwise it can become notchy or seize. Chains and sprockets can wear quite quickly. Fitting genuine Yamaha parts and a Scottoiler helps to reduce this.
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