The Yamaha FZ8, the 800cc Yamaha's

The all-new Yamaha FZ8 series that will possibly be available in Thailand mid 2011. Two models make up the Yamaha FZ8 offer, the Yamaha FZ8N “the nakedbike” and the Yamaha FZ8S “half-faired”, and their evolution is a bid to strike middle ground between the popular Yamaha FZ1 and the FZ6.

In deciding upon the 779cc capacity engine, Yamaha threw out all preconceptions about design and size. 'The 1000cc and 600cc categories that largely divide the market are imposed by racing regulations, not road riding considerations,' Yamaha says. 'Many riders find 600cc supersport engines to be hard work on the open road, and 1000cc superbike engines to be overkill'.

Yamaha's engineers selected a 779cc engine displacement to provide the perfect balance between the accessible performance of a 600 and the broad, instant torque and power of a 1000cc. The new Yamaha FZ8 series engine is fuel injected, and uses both a throttle valve and an electronically controlled sub-throttle valve to provide additional control over intake airflow volume. The cylinder bodies have a bore and stroke of 68x53.6mm.
Readings on engine rpm and throttle opening are processed in real-time by the ECU, which operates a new stepping motor to control the sub-throttle valves and optimize volumetric efficiency in each part of the rev range, aimed at boosting low to middle ridability. The Yamaha FZ8 series engine produces 78kW at 10,000rpm, and 82Nm of torque at 8,000rpm.

It easily meets the Thai exhaust emission standards, using a short, side mounted muffler and a four-into-two-into-one exhaust system, with a honeycomb type catalytic converter fitted at the point where the header pipes meet. An oxygen sensor feeds realtime exhaust information back to the ECU, allowing the FZ8 to constantly adjust its air/fuel mixture for optimum efficiency and clean emissions.

The Yamaha FZ8 features a new engine that is a stressed member in an all-aluminum frame, and uses a CF aluminum die-cast swingarm. Front-end suspension is a pair of upside-down forks, running 43mm inner tubes. Rear suspension is handled by a linked Monocross set-up. Front brakes are twin four-piston monoblock calipers gripping 310mm floating front discs. The wheels are five-spoke cast aluminum rims – the front tire is a 120/70ZR17 and the rear is a 180/55ZR17. The lastest information regarding the 2012 Yamaha FZ8N in Thailand
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