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Saturday, 01 October 2016 @ 06:45 AM ICT

The Yamaha FZ1 Fazer, Good Liter Bike

Motorcycle ReviewsSo the 2008 Yamaha FZ1 Fazer has none of the annoying throttle snatch of the previous model. Unfortunately it's also lost some power; the previous model provided us with 138 horsepower stock; and the latest 2008 Yamaha FZ1 Fazer gives us 130 horsepower.

It's the same when you tune them: with Micron Serpent headers and Micron GP end can, a Power Commander and the secondary throttle valves removed a old Yamaha FZ1 Fazer made 148 horsepower. In exactly the same state of tune the latest bike makes 140 horsepower. So where are the 8 missing horses?

My guess, and it is just a guess, is Yamaha have slowed the rate of opening of the secondaries and modified fueling to improve off/on throttle transition.

Getting that 8 horsepower back will probably involve swapping the ECU for the old model. We'll try it when we can get hold of one.

Still, the latest Yamaha FZ1 is a rollicking good ride, the pipe is too loud, really, even for uncivilized behaviors, but the bike is so wicked. Driving the Yamaha FZ1 Fazer made me grinning like a naughty schoolboy, having left a trail of cars spinning in our wake. Marvelous.

The Yamaha FZ1 Fazer, is probably Thailand's cheapest one liter bike, with its 998cc, 20-valve DOHC, in-line four engine it is a pleasure to drive and can really recommend buying one.

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