The YSS G-Series Monoshock

Some maybe ask why replace my original rear shock with a YSS G-Series replacement. The thing is, if you're loading up your motorcycle with the extra weight of all that luggage and perhaps a girlfriend as a pillion might fall outside the original intended use for your sporty motorcycle..

Most original equipment suspension comes with an adjustment range fir for what the motorcycle is aimed at, so if you're going touring, or ride lots of time two-up, the YSS G-Series Monoshock should broaded your setup spectrum to cope with the extra weight.
The YSS G-Series shock has 60 clicks of rebound adjustment, as well as high and low speed compression damping and preload adjustment..

The YSS G-Series shock length is also customisable and quality looks top-notch with lots of smart anodized aluminum used in its construction to keep the weight to an absolute minimum. Another positive element for the YSS G-Series shocks is that they're made in Thailand so no extremely high import duty. Of course the also not the cheapest, depending for which motorcycle the price would be around 35,000 THB.
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