The Wavy Discs on your Bike - The Truth This Time

Now-a-day almost all new road going motorcycles comes with wavy brake discs. Why? Would you ask, is there any real benefit, other the fact they look better?

And the truths is that as with most of the latest fads like radial brakes and underseat exhaust pipes, wavy brake discs are fitted by manufacturers mostly to add ownership appeal, not because performance would suffer without them. That said, there are some benefits to petal, or wavy, discs.

One of the benefits is that they're usually lighter than the average none wavy disc. They are also said t offer better cooling, which in theory should improve overall stopping power and feel. It's also claimed petal discs will bed in new pads quicker than standard styled discs.
Put it this way, some things manufacturers claim cannot be proven scientifically, but, fitting the wavy discs won't do any harm, they look great and you might even get a performance gain. If you are going to change the old style standard brake discs, then it's worth changing the pads as well not forget that one.
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