The VinxXgrip - Do Your Pillion a Favor

Pillion riders get a rough ride on motorcycles, especially modern sportsbikes. Until now that is with the launch of the VinxXgrip. Under present laws, hand-grabs for pillions have to be located behind or under the motorcycle seat, causing great stress to shoulders and back as they desperately attempt to cling perched on a high narrow seat.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the simple yet robust VinxXgrip system attaches to your petrol cap surround. The pillion is pushed forward in a more natural riding stance alleviating many of the problems, strains and aches they normally bear through gritted teeth! The housing stays attached to the petrol tank, while the handgrip section is quick-release.
When in situ, the VinxXgrip stays pretty much flush to the petrol tank's ergonomics, acting like a second set of well positioned handlebars for the pillion to hold, pushing their weight forward making the motorcycle more stable.

Although the handgrips are universal, the tank fitting is peculiar to each motorcycle model, so check online to make sure your motorcycle is covered. The VinxXgrip passed the strict European Union safety regulations. Visit the VinxXgrip website VinxXgrip
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 @ 04:04 PM ICT
Simple fix, hold on to me and not the bike so I can feel what your body movement is better.


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