The Vespa LX125ie - Nice Colors

The Vespa LX125ie, one of the best selling scooters from Piaggio in Thailand. The overall look of the LX125ie is clearly of high standard, first off, it looks brilliant. The first thing that hits your eyeballs is the superb choice of colors. The red one, of course, looks like a scooter-ised Ferrari, so naturally I had my eyes on that one. The white one looks like a scooter-shaped snowflake, and is by far the best looking one, in my personal opinion, though I couldn't bear the though of dirtying that pristine white and stuck to the red.

Then there's that modern-day interpretation of the famous aircraft-inspired shape. It's not as bulbous as the original Vespas, but you have to agree there's something timeless about those lines. There's not mistaking it for anything but a Vespa, and there are a number of pleasing details to remind you of that fact. Actually, just need to look at the headlamp-handlebar fusion to realize that you're garking at. It's the old adapted for newer times and the whole effect reminds me of the VW Beetle vs the New Beetle.
The Vespa LX125ie is powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, 124cc 2 valve engine with advanced EFI and electric start. However, from first impressions, there's nothing spectacular about the LX125ie engine, the unit makes 10 horsepower (real) and 10.6Nm, figures that ar firmly in the 'average' ballpark for a 125cc scooter. Performance is not as appealing as the looks. Acceleration is satisfying till 65km/h, while 95km/h was all it could master on the stretch we were riding on. To do more, I suspect I might need a longer testing strip. That too with a generous amount of helpful tail wind. However, it does claim a fuel consumption figures of 60km/liter under test conditions – now you know where the technology went.

However, outright performance is hardly relevant, so no hard feelings there. What I can't get past the contrast between looking at the Vespa and riding it. I could look at it for hours, but I don't think I could ride it for hours, simply because it feels so ordinary. Once you're on it, twisting the throttle doesn't yield any sort of special feelings. It feels like any other above average quality scooter.

The suspension, is unlike any other scooter – it's extremely sorted. Ride quality is excellent and going over all sorts of bumps and ruts does not unsettle the Vespa LX125ie. It'll even happily jump over the right kind of slope.

What's more, the Vespa LX125ie is a light and nimble thing and threading through imaginary cones in an empty parking lot is a lot of fun. It bodies well for traffic rides too.Tag: Vespa LX125ie Scooter 125cc Piaggio
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