The Vemar Jiano Solid Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

The Vemar Jiano Solid motorcycle flip-up helmet, besides the clear shield with seven steps and flip-up front chin bar, the Vemar Jiano Solid also features an integrated, tinted, retractable sunshield visor. This isn't the only helmet to offer such a system, as it along with the easy-to-cinch, ratcheting chin strap, maybe my favorite things on the Vemar Jiano Solid helmet.

It truly is convenient having a sunscreen in front of my eyes for bright daylight use, and, with the flick of a lever, being able to peer through a clear, anti-fog, 2.2mm thick visor when the sun goes down, or police pull you over. No more cumbersome spare parts to carry, or roadside visor changes.
[amazon_right:B0023CEVS0]The Vemar Jiano Solid motorcycle helmet is a comfortable helmet for long-distance riders, thanks to the plush interior. The inner liner is removable and washable, and is manufactured from a technical fiber that provides a lifelong treatment against odor, fungus, and bacteria. Extraordinary wicking capabilities, offer enhanced rider comfort, as does the padded chin strap. The shell of the Vemar Jiano features the exclusive Vemar Klima adjustable, full-ventilation system and is constructed of ultra-light thermoplastic material.

According to Vemar, the Vemar Jiano's chin bar lock mechanism exceeds expectations for safety and convenience, utilizing metal pins and hooks to secure it closed. At the same time, the recessed actuation button under the center of the chin bar is easy to use even with a gloved hand.

Jiano was an ancient god that symbolized change and transition, such as the progression of past to future, or of one condition to another. With such easy daytime to nighttime reconfiguration ability, my choice of helmet has changed to this Vemar Jiano Flip-Up Solid motorcycle helmet. Vemar also has also a Bluetooth version of the Vemar Jiano flip-up helmet available, which is compatible with your cell phone, GPS, MP3 etc. and features stereo speakers. The Bluetooth version of the Vemar Jiano helmet operates up to ten hours on a charge.
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