The Vision of the Victory Motorcycle Company

Is Victory Motorcycles interested in the Thailand market, can the Victory vision of the future soon be bought in Thailand? It would surely be one of the most sensational marketplace debuts of recent years. Minneapolis-based Victory has revealed that they are looking into new markets, and commented only that they had discussed the Southeast-Asian region.

Harley-Davidson is probably the biggest competitor for Victory motorcycle, especially the Tour Glide family is in the same market segment, a market identified as richest and fastest-growing motorcycle market.

It is hard to think of two companies in the motorcycle business more diametrically opposed to one other than the Harley-Davidson and Victory Motorcycles. Each is in every way the antithesis of the other, both historically and culturally, structurally and commercially – a fact underlined by the quite different ways in which the Vision and Electra Glide families of models address the demands of the luxury touring market.

Harley-Davidson is a standalone business entity, essentially manufacturing only motorcycles. Victory is a small but extremely fast growing subsidiary of Polaris Industries, which is a worldwide major corporation.

Harley-Davidson is a product of America's traditional industrial heartland, Victory Motorcycle of its 21st century frontier of new wave technology. Think of the difference between analogue and digital... And you get the idea...

Harley-Davidson is heavily unionized with a contractually formalized employee wage structure, Victory Motorcycle is non-union, but with employee participation as equity holders and profit sharers.

Harley's products are predominantly traditional and evolutionary in terms of styling, Victory's more innovative and modern in both concept and appearance. Harley's appeal is more lifestyle focused, Victory's product-driven.

Harley owners are predominantly older, working-class or ex-working class bikers, while Victory's owners are worldwide more likely to be younger and upper management level professionals.

Harley sells about 200 times more motorcycles then Victory motorcycles, but then Harley depends it fully on the sales of its motorcycle. Victory Motorcycles is only good for a small amount of income of Polaris Industries, but again the motorcycle sales is growing fast, they are one of the fastest growing motorcycle firms in the world...

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