The Ural Motorcycles with Sidecar

Last few years, we saw a growing number of big bikes released in Thailand, and always with two-wheels – but why not a new big bike with three-wheels?

Ural have answered the question with the Ural M70 and the Ural Ranger developed and built to go anywhere.

The Ural motorcycles with sidecar are powered by a flat twin 'boxer', OHV, air-cooled 749cc engine with two valves per cylinder. The maximum power output is 41 horsepower at 5,500rpm and 57Nm maximum torque at 4,300rpm. The engine is equipped with modern electronic fuel injection system. The Ural motorcycles come with a 4 gear 'forward and 1 reverse transmission gearbox.

The Ural M70 comes with telescopic front forks while the Ural ranger comes uses a IMZ leading link front fork. For the rear both models use two hydraulic spring shock absorbers.
Three wheels but better still with two-wheel-drive and a true 'go anywhere' capability with a driveshaft that powers the rear wheel and the sidecar wheel.

The twin exhaust system used with Ural comes with a 'throaty exhaust note', and a luggage rack is fitted together with the usual spare wheel.

On the Ural Ranger bumpers are used on the front and rear of the sidecar adding to that rugged appearance and with a touch of luxury in a pair of LED fog lights. The Ural Ranger is priced at 919,000 THB and the Ural M70 will cost you 870,000 THB.Tag: Ural Sidecar Ranger M70 IMZ Leading-Link-Fork 749cc Flat-Twin EFI Three-Wheels Two-Wheel-Drive
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