The Triumph Street Triple Idea

Triumph's Street Triple was launched with much fanfare and high praise and immediately I decided I wanted one. Being a fan of 'naked' bikes, but when Yamaha came to the market I bought a Yamaha FZ6 and, currently the idea of buying a Triumph Street Triple is more and more in my mind, so maybe the end of the year the Yamaha FZ6 – good as it is – would quite probably be sold in favor for the Triumph Street Triple.

The girlfriend suggested that I look for a used Triumph Street Triple, if I could only find one. So, I pretty much exactly fitted the profile of who a Triumph Street Triple buyer would be as I was indeed a prospective purchaser.

So, what will I be planning to use the Triumph Street Triple for? Well, I'm fortunate in that I live less then a kilometer of my work and so it won't be needed for serious commuting duties. However, what it will be is pressed into service touring me around the country at the weekends.
Why did I want a Triumph Street Triple then? Well, as I've said before, I'm a fan of naked bikes. Sure, you are exposed to the elements but as far as I'm concerned, isn't that one of the joys of motorcycling? And yes, I know that sustained high speed can be a literal pain in the neck on a motorcycle of the unfaired genre, but I really need to make sure I love my live so try not to cruise at 'high' (unsafe) speeds.

Riding a 'naked' puts a limit on what's comfortable cruising speed and so means temptation is easier to avoid. Or that's the theory... The Triumph badge is one that always meets with approval at motorcycle events, so that's an added bonus too.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009 @ 03:05 PM ICT
I totally agree with you on all accounts and I too, want one for general commute.
However, living next door to the Ducati dealer on Thonglor, I must say I am tempted by the new Monsters 696 and the 1100s.
Right from my room, I can see one or two leaving the shop everyday. They're selling like hot cakes. And every time someone fires up the engine, I just can't help but peeking out to see what sort of beast it is.
I know they are not proper bike like the Striple and perhaps not even suited for Bangkok traffic and climate but they surely are pretty. I know how the Striple handles but the Ducati guy won't let me try his stock so I can't tell if I'm gonna like it or not.

It will be months before I finally buy any so I still have time to decide.
Should I move to a new place far away from the evil Ducati shop and wait to get myself the Striple or should I give in?