The Triumph Sprint - Unique British Flavor

The allure of Triumph's Sprint is hard to sum up without lapsing into some sort of cliché. Yet the way men of a certain age get misty eyed about the sleek, classy, English lines of the Hinckley build triple evokes the devotion to the older, more sophisticated kind of sex bomb.

Of course, the Triumph Sprint has all you want: a muscular 120 horsepower engine, stable yet agile handling and all-day comfort. It even comes with hard panniers. It's sporty without being uncomfortable; it tours without being a touring-bus; a true sports tourer. And it's a looker, with its underseat exhaust, glossy flanks and sharp front end.
Since its launch in 2005, the Triumph Sprint has lost a little of its sheen. Build quality isn't as great as you'd hope, with excessive stone chips to the fork legs and bodywork, the headlight is rubbish and the brakes don't inspire confidence, with their very soft initial bite.

These are niggles that living with a motorcycle reveals. But the Triumph Sprint's still the sports tourer other manufacturers have to beat, and it's Triumph worldwide second-best-selling motorcycle because it appeals over its competition in ways only a Triumph can by being bigger, smoother, sleeker and subtly sexier, with a unique British flavor...
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