The Tiger F4 250 - Top Class Commuter Bike

Tiger Motorcycles is well known for producing fuel-efficient, value-for-money and well constructed commuter motorcycles, the Tiger F4 250 follows that tradition. The, just outside, Bangkok based Tiger factory has clear intentions of capturing a chunk of the 250cc motorcycle market with the new Tiger F4 250 offering that promises to be a good motorcycle for in the city and rural roads.

We did a closer look at the Tiger F4 250 and figured out what this whole new 250cc motorcycle is all about.

To start with, let us talk about the styling of the Tiger F4 250. The motorcycle has sharp lines and edges that give a hint of aggression, with a distinct classic look. For instance, look at the headlight, which is the source of the classic look, the bikini fairing has been camouflaged by the same color as the frame and with the fuel-tank and the side panels it forms a somewhat natural line to the rear of the motorcycle.
What appealed the most to us, though, is the workhorse attitude, with its spoked wheels and dual-sock rear suspension and powerful 'torque' engine you know that this motorcycle will not let you down easy... So far as the behavior of the engine is concerned, we have to say that the engine delivers power very well throughout the rev range. The five-speed gearbbox does duty on the new Tiger F4 250. This, along with the tall gearing, will be beneficial for highway riding with regard to the standards of a commuter.

Apart form the engine, the biggest positive side is in the suspension department where the twin adjustable shocks with gas-reserve has scored some serious points. The exact performance of the Tiger F4 250 will be clear once we put the motorcycle through a complete set of performance tests when we receive it (probably with in a month). The Tiger F4 250 will costs, including registration and compulsory insurance, around 61,000 THB.
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The article says that the Tiger F4 250 costs around 61,000 THB

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Oops, I didn't go to the 'Read More' section!

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