The Sym Joyride 200i Evo - Cruise Happily Scooter

The Sym Joyride 200i Evo, isn't cheap, but it justifies that price tag. The Sym Joyride 200i Evo is nice and narrow and well balanced at low speed ideal for traffic busting. You can see a few maxi scooters in Bangkok traffic, most are grey imported Japanese scooters and some are officially imported 500cc maxi-scooters with a half-million price tag. The Sym Joyride 200i Evo will be the first maxi-scooter under 250cc officially available in Thailand.

The Sym Joyride 200i Evo comes with all the latest technical gadgets, 4-valve, electroplated ceramic cylinder, highly efficient liquid-cooling, 171.2cc engine capacity and a state-of-the art electronic fuel injection system. The Joyride 200i Evo easily meets the Euro III and Thai exhaust emissions regulations, actually with the specially shaped combustion chamber and ceramic cylinder coating the engine could pass much higher exhaust emission standards. The near perfect fuel combustion is also something that you see in the fuel efficiency of the scoot.

Thailand should be a perfect market for maxi-scooters, which is why it's so surprising that Sym has taken so long to enter the maxi-scooter market. They've sold enough 125cc scooters live the Fiddle II, Cello, Jet4 125, Tini, and Radar-X over the years, but none of them bigger than 125cc. You'd think that for an industry leader like this, with access to such a massive market, marketing a maxi-scooter would be an obvious move.

Sym maxi-scooters aren't the cheapest, price won't be a big factor to the the typical buyer, who probably has a car in the garage as well. But loves to have a quick not to big scooter for some city and beyond travel. What they demand is the sort of quality and sophistication that they've become used to on four wheels, and on the Sym Joyride 200i Evo, it looks as though they get it.

The Sym Joyride 200i Evo is based around a substantial steel dual cradle step-through frame. The liquid-cooled four-stroke single is fuel injected, there's the usual efficient CVT transmission and the digital/analogue instrument panel offers more information than most of us will ever need. The seat is very comfortable. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are more than capable in stopping the scoot at any speed.

You might think that a 172cc scooter will not perform much better than some 125cc or 150cc scooter, but the Sym Joyride 200i Evo is very powerful, some claim that the engine produces up to 25 horsepower, highly efficient and it uses all modern technology available to reduce engine friction. On the open road, overtaking from 115 to 120km/h takes a fair bit of space, and it's clear that Sym's engineers have worked this scooter's transmission to emphasize quick in-town go. The Thai J Costa distributor will likely have the famous J.COSTA Variator speed control available the moment the Sym Joyride 200i Evo becomes available at the end of the year.

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Flying Squirrel

Saturday, 27 August 2011 @ 03:27 PM ICT
"The Thai J Costa distributor will likely have the famous J.COSTA Variator speed control available the moment the Sym Joyride 200i Evo becomes available at the end of the year."

Already :-)

Model number is JC666FS


Tuesday, 06 September 2011 @ 09:33 AM ICT
Do they sell and service in Pattaya?


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