The Sym Jet4 125 - Comfortable Sporty

The Sym Jet4 125, with lifestyle step-thru's dominating the streets in town all around Thailand, you could easily forget that Thailand also has other road users. Sym, one of the larger scooter manufacturers operating in the Thai market is going to introduce the Sym Jet4 125 scooter targeting the more sporty scooter rider.

The Sym Jet4 125 is powered by a four-stroke, electroplated ceramic cylinder, 124.6cc, air-cooled engine. It's fueled by a regular carburetor, and meets the strict Thai exhaust emission standard. The Sym Jet4 125 comes with a host of performance enhancing features such as a special muffler, and easier air system to help it achieve its claim of being able to out-accelerate most other 125cc scooters. The ceramic coated cylinder wall is very efficient in reducing friction, which translate in less heat, a air-cooled engine with ceramic coated cylinder wall is often cooler compared to an regular engine with liquid-cooling. Ceramic has excellent wear resistance (high hardness) and is also very heat resistant, making it an ideal match for the typical requirements of engine cylinders. The weight reduction by not using a liquid-cooling system adds to the sporty character of the Sym Jet4 125 scooter.

The Ceramic Coated Cylinder is a high-tech product, which applies a special compound-electroplating process, by dispersing SiC ceramic particles evenly to the cylinder wall. SYM is the first company to mass produce motorcycle engines using the SiC ceramic coating technique. The engineered Ceramic SiC material overcomes the typical problems with brittleness as known from of other ceramic materials.
The Sym Jet4 125 and the Honda PCX 125 are about the same size. But the Sym Jet4 125 is a remarkable 25 kilogram lighter then the Honda PCX 125. 25kg is a lot of weight for a 125cc engine. The performance of the Sym Jet4 125 is excellent, while the 226mm front disc brake and the rear drum brake make sure that it stopping performance is also perfect.

For extra stability the Sym Jet4 125 is equipped with a 13 inch front and a 12 inch rear aluminum alloy wheels. No surprises with the constant variable transmission, it's similar to other Sym scooters. The overall build quality is excellent as we would expect from Sym.

Some extra Sym Jet4 pictures can be found in our Sym Jet4 Media GalleryTag: Sym Jet4 125cc Scooter Sporty Coated-Cylinder step-thru
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