The Suzuki Nex - Suzuki ECO Scooter

With the new Suzuki Nex scooter I wonder if Suzuki is promoting its new scooter enough because in Bangkok you don't see many of them.

The Suzuki Nex is powered by an 112.7cc four-stroke, SOHC 2-valve, air-cooled engine with fuel-injection. Suzuki claims a fuel economic of 56km/l on average riding conditions.

To be honest. Despite numerous reminders from Suzuki, we missed this scooter's first service. Not good for the scoot, but nothing untoward seems to have happened yet. Of course, delaying service is not recommended.
Since the Suzuki Nex's launch earlier this year, there has been a steady advent of new scooters in the market. But the Suzuki Nex is still one of the best looking scooters around, Its sleek profile normally gets the reaction, 'sporty' from a lot of fellow riders. The designers really got it right, with its 14 inch wheels and light weight 87 kilograms.

The engine with modern fuel-injection has proved apt for city traffic. The low-end torque is meaty and there's a nice throaty note to go with it if you throttle with some quick wrist movement. Real day to day fuel efficiency has shown not to be as high as the claimed 56km/l, as it's hovering around 49km/l, which is pretty good.
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