The Suzuki GW250 - 250cc Confirmed for ASEAN

The Suzuki GW250, is likely the model name for Suzuki's answer to the 250cc motorcycle market. The Suzuki GW250 was shown at the CIMA exhibition in China. Back than it was shown as a concept model but now, just a few months later, Suzuki has announced its plans for launching the GW250 in China, Suzuki also confirmed that they will sell the Suzuki GW250 in South-East Asian countries.

When you look at the Suzuki GW250 your can clearly see that Suzuki's designers have borrowed some design features from the Suzuki B-King, if the whole naked-bike design and looks lives up to the original concept Suzuki showed at the China motor show we can expect Suzuki to become a serious player in the 250cc motorcycle market.

The Suzuki GW250 is powered by a 250cc parallel twin liquid-cooled engine, which to the concept specifications has a claimed 26 horsepower and 24 Nm of torque. The whole engine setup is very similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Although its direct competitor in terms of power and weight can be found in the Kawasaki Ninja 250R which also comes with a parallel twin engine however, the Ninja 250R develops more power than the Suzuki GW250. But Suzuki's specifications for GW250 are still based of the specifications shown at the Chinese motor-show.
It's unknown if Suzuki will produce that Suzuki GW250 in Thailand, but even if they aren't regional Free-Trade-Agreements will surely keep the price down. Not get your hopes up of seeing the Suzuki GW250 soon in the Suzuki dealer around the corner, Suzuki confirms that regional distribution is not scheduled before 2012. For some of use it gives us some time to start saving some money, and maybe even convert the girl of the house you need more than just one motorcycle.

With the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Honda CBR250R, and planned Suzuki GW250, I'm wondering if Yamaha is going to introduce a motorcycle with an 250cc engine.Tag: Suzuki GW250 250cc Single-Cylinder Parallel-Twin
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