The Suzuki GSX-R600 as Track Tool

Well, I have finally done it, I got out on track with my Suzuki GSX-R600 K4. Its first shakedown was exciting and accelerating.

Prior to this, I fitted Brembo brake pads in the front to haul me up, and finished off the new-look panels with Pro-Bolt quick-release stainless fasteners. The fasteners look exactly like the titanium ones, only lot less expensive. They're dead easy to use, and very effective.

The new brake pads are Brembo's sintered fast road/track version. I gave them a good few laps with easy riding to bed them in properly. Once confident that they would sustain heavier loads, I upped the pace, and found them highly effective.

The Brembo brake pads are certainly better than standard ones I´d ridden with on the Suzuki GSX-R600 before. They offered much more power than the OE variety, with plenty of feel and progression too. This excursion was all about seeing if the Suzuki GSX-R600 itself was OK though, so I'll find out more with harder riding another time.

I was worried that the day may not take place at all, because the GSX-R600 wouldn't start when I was loading it into the pickup truck. The colder weather and long time without starting had defeated my battery, so I needed a bump start before the first session.
Unfortunately, that's the only time it would bump, and with the tacho pulsing and lights flashing randomly, it was clear the battery was irretrievable. Borrowing a battery didn't help either, so I bough a new one to get back out on track. The Suzuki felt great really together and tight, a clear reminder of its low mileage. I've yet to get the suspension set up, although it already feels well suited to me. Again, more time on it and a faster pace may show otherwise. Its mid-range is hungry and will be useful keeping pace with some larger capacity motorcycles.

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires were a welcome mod. They offer more than enough grip for my current ability, and the front improves confidence, giving decent feedback and feel. They warm up reasonably quickly from cold, and my prove to be popular. I know I to a few other riders who also used Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires.

I'm more than happy with the first ride. There haven't been any extravagant modifications to the Suzuki GSX-R600, because the aim was to achieve a cheap and fully capable track motorcycle. Everything on it gels together, and I'm keen to get back out on it. I'll be doing a lot more of that. It gives me a buzz riding my Suzuki, and that's why we all got into motorcycles in the first place, isn't it?
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