The Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Flower Helmet

The Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Flower helmet is my going out helmet, it my Sunday best and definitely an essential piece of track day kit.

The Suomy Extreme Flower helmet has been around quite a lot of tracks now and seen kilometers mostly on nakedbikes with a face full of wind blast. I think it is perhaps the most comfortable helmet I currently use although it is also the loudest and has the most awkward visor change know to man.

To remove the side pods you need to use a key or other implement to slide under the pod to press a button that detaches it, then you have a real tricky deal to slide a catch around to release the visor from the mechanism.
The reverse is equally as fiddly and a visor change will cost you a good few minutes as well as potentially damaging the fragile plastic mechanism, as I have done. It means the visor now comes open at high speed which is not good, but I guess it's partly my own crack-handed fault.

A new set of plastic mechanisms for the Suomy Spec 1R Extreme Flower helmet should rectify the problem, if I could only find them. Probably something I need to put on the list for my next Japan trip.

For the virtually liner and proper flashy paint job it gets my full recommendation, but the fiddly visor change sends it to the back of the list...
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