The Stock Clutch Just Won't Do

There's an important axiom of performance work that many novice engine builders and tuners seem to overlook: Once you've made an engine a fire-breather, some of the motorcycle's drivetrain components may need to be beefed up to handle the extra power, with the clutch usually being the first weak link.

Make no mistake; the standard clutch pack installed by motorcycle manufacturers does an excellent job handling stock power levels, as well as quite a bit more. It has an easy level pull, smoothly controls the engine's power, and sends all of it to the transmission.

All the things you want a clutch to do. However, once a engine starts cranking out considerable more horsepower, the stock clutch doesn't like dealing with the extra horsepower and torque. Result: after spending lots of hard-earned cash to get extra horsepower and torque from your engine, you lose some of it to a slipping clutch.
And a slipping clutch is not the same as a slipper clutch found on most modern sportsbikes. With a slipping clutch due to the increased power output of the engine the slipping of the clutch will only get worse until it completely stops working.

For most motorcycles you can find clutch kits, sometimes this kits are just tougher clutch springs, or they include with complete new friction clutch plates. Normally the clutch plates increase the surface area, which greatly increases the amount of power the clutch can handle. Increased clutch surface area also has a smooth lever action, though it is harder to pull in than the stock clutch, something all performance clutches have in common due to the stronger diaphragm springs used.Tag: Clutch Drivetrain Maintenance Parts Manufacturing
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