The Stallion Mini Gio - 125cc Monkey Bike

The Stallion Mini Gio is tiny machine with a regular four-stroke 125cc engine. Of course, the engine is not that sophisticated it's just a two-valve, air-cooled engine fed by a carburetor producing around 10 horsepower. Mind you, the Stallion Mini Gio is just 66 kilogram.

Well, it's a monkey bike, isn't it, which you'll either love or not. The Stallion Mini Gio does come with extra bling, in the form of a high-level exhaust and alloy wheels. Riding the Stallion Mini Gio will certainly get you noticed.

The Stallion Mini Gio has not much space for a passenger, no helmet lock and not much of a instrument panel. It has a tiny rear rack for some luggage but with that size it's probably more for the show.
We not like to repeat ourselves, but the Stallion Mini Gio isn't the biggest motorcycle on the road, measuring less than 1.4 meters long and 860mm high. So it suits smaller folk, especially as the seat height is just 700mm. Although the power is on the shy side of modest, the motorcycle is very light.

This gives the Stallion Mini Gio surprisingly perky performance, and thanks to the low first gearing and short wheelbase, it is liable to wheelie unless you lean forward a little. Unlike the original semi-auto monkey bikes, this one has a clutch and four-speed manual gear box, what is a positive thing. Fourth gear eels quite high, but the Stallion Mini Gio actually tops out at around 90km/h, which may not sound much but certainly feels it when you're this close to the road.

The brakes are good enough for the performance and low weight, though the Stallion Mini Gio doesn't handle as well as a big-wheeled motorcycle a function of its 10 inch wheels and suspension, though the twin rear shocks do have preload adjustment and are pretty good. The Stallion Mini Gio has a suggested retail price of 39,900 THB, but we seen it sold for 38,900 THB...Tag: Stallions Mini Gio 125cc Monkey Bike Single-Cylinder
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