The Shark Vision-R Motorcycle Helmet

The Shark Vision-R helmet is a thoroughly modern helmet and so good a real rider must have had a hand in its design. Shark's Vision-R helmet does away with many of the day-to-day snivels we have about motorcycle helmets. For start, if you wear glasses, the Shark Vision-R has a system called Shark Easy Fit where you pull a special tab on the cheek comfort foam so you can just slide your glasses arms right in. How good is that, four-eyes?

As well as the scratch-proof main visor, the Shark Vision-R has an anti-scratch sun-visor hidden away inside the helmet frontal 'lobe'. Simply flick an external lever and a fighter pilot-type visor drops into place over the top half of your face.

The dark visor is great to use instead of sunglasses as well as giving you instant help when the sun suddenly breaks through the clouds and dazzles you. On more than one occasion I didn't bother packing my sunglasses.

The light, 1450 grams Shark Vision-R shell (which comes in two sizes) has been shaped to give optimal peripheral vision with a panoramic aperture that comes pretty close to an open-face helmet. Another thing I liked about the visor was it patented Auto Seal system that ensures perfect sealing of the visor via a spring mechanism. It works, too. Once shut, the visor is water proof.
The next feature is the Anti Fog System which keeps the visor in the slightly open position as needed and, combined with the good-looking breath guard/fog guard, keeps the visor clear. When the sun-visor and daylight visor are working in tandem, the helmet is uncannily quiet.

The chin-strap has been rethought and is now a narrow strapped D-ring with a red pull tab so you can use it easily.

The Shark Visor-R helmet comes in sizes XS to XL, I take a size XS and must admit several helmet brands don't suit my Asian head shape so I've more or less stuck with one brand.

The Shark Vision-R was quite snug when I first put it on but within just a couple of hours it had 'assumed the position' and my doubts went away. It just proves that you must always keep an open mind.

There's plenty of ventilation via chin, mouth, front of helmet and two little rocker vents on the top of the helmet. Air exit is via a sharp-looking rear vent.

The shell of the Shark Vision-R is composed of multi-axial fiber and the paintwork on my helmet was exceptional in white with red. Some of the paintjobs in this range glow in the dark!

Importantly, the check pads, liner and neck roll are removable and enable you to freshen them up with gentle detergent.

What else is smart about the Shark Vision-R helmet? The Shark Vision-R, like most of the new Shark helmet, is pre-equipped to take Shark Tooth audio giving you multipoint phone voice control and voice dialing; MP3 Bluetooth A2DP music streaming with remote control; rider-to-pillion and motorcycle-to-motorcycle intercom; audio information from your GPS; and alerts warn you of incoming calls or intercom traffic. The Shark Tooth system can be mounted on Vision-R helmet very easily and it is waterproof.
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