The Shark Spartan Motorcycle Helmet

The Shark Spartan motorcycle helmet. The Spartan is one of the latest motorcycle helmets from French helmet manufacturer Shark. The new helmet is called Spartan but it’s certainly not short of features when it comes to dissecting its specification list.

Those busy French helmet engineers have developed and made a helmet as aerodynamic as possible, using computational fluid dynamics to model the helmet’s airflow to make it as stable and quiet as possible.

To aid on the noise level there is also a Shark Skin cover on the side mechanism of the visor to seriously reduce the whistling noises. The Shark Spartan helmet weighs in a 1290 grams thanks to its mix of carbon aramid fiber and fiberglass, the helmet has a double spoiler with incorporated air extractors: optimization of the aerodynamic trail and internal cooling.
A Shark Pinlock MaxVision visor is a standard feature and it comes with an internal sun visor. The Shark Spartan is ready for Sharktooth ‘bluetooth’ communications systems and will fit from XS to XXL, though Shark only offers only two shell sizes. The Shark Spartan helmet is also friendly for persons wearing glasses, the strap is a double D-ring.Tag: Shark Full-Face-Helmet Spartan Helmet Shark-Skin Sharktooth Carbon-Fiber Fiberglass Aramid-Fiber CFD Computational-Fluids Aerodynamics
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