The Schuberth S2 - The Innovation

Schuberth's S2 was designed with one main goal at heart; to provide the ultimate all-round motorcycle helmet option. And having utilized 90 years of experience with a development cost of 6,3 million Euro (around 245,000,000 THB), the German brand is confident it has achieved its intentions, creating a full face motorcycle helmet that is as suitable for cruising as it is for track days.

It's also Schuberth's most innovative motorcycle helmet to date, boasting among many other features a dual antenna system integrated into the helmet's construction; designed to optimize Bluetooth and radio reception. The integration of dual antennas into the helmet's design is a world first. Their addition means that Bluetooth and radio functions are better and easier than ever to operate, especially when used in collaboration with the proprietary SRC communication system.

And the functions don't stop there. A retractable sun visor and sophisticated, all-new ventilation system ensures rider comfort, while advanced aerodynamics ensure minimal turbulence; reducing wind noise to a claimed 85dB/A at 90km/h.

Extensive wind tunnel testing has allowed for new levels of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Through data attained, the Schuberth helmet has been shaped to help reduce both wind noise and buffering at all levels of performance.

Like most premium motorcycle helmets, the Schuberh S2 also features a fully removable and washable lining, while a detachable acoustic collar adds to the quality of the product.

For all the visible technology, Schuberth proclaims it's equally as proud of the special materials used in the construction of the S2 helmet sell. The weight of just 1450grams (+/- 50 grams depending on size) was made possible thanks to a structural glass fiber sandwich, set out in a woven matrix.

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