The Royal Enfield Continental GT750 - Parallel-Twin Performance

We have seen what appears to be a finished version of Royal Enfield’s new Continental GT750 undergoing testing, some people already reported that they saw an 750cc parallel-twin Royal Enfield in Spain last year. Sources at the time suggested it would be released around March or April this year and based on the finish of model we have seen, we don’t think it’s far away.

The beating heart of the new Royal Enfield Continental GT is an air-cooled 750cc parallel-twin, which is expected to produce 45 to 50 horsepower putting it in the same territory as the Harley-Davidson Street 750 (47 horses) and Triumph’s similarly-styled Street Cup (54 horses).

Also new are the upswept two-into-two exhaust, as all Royal Enfields have previously been single cylinders, and judging by the Royal Enfield Continental GT750s rather tasty exhaust nite we expect it to have a 270-degree firing order.

Although we couldn’t see the exact tire and wheel sizes on the test mule, the rear tire appeared to be larger than the 500cc Royal Enfields, which is logical enough with the 750cc twin expected to deliver nearly twice as much power to the rear wheel as the current 500cc single cylinder. The Royal Enfield Continental GT500 runs on 110/90 R18 and 130/70 R18 tire and rim combination, while our glimpses of the new Royal Enfield Continental GT750 suggest it could be rolling on 17 inch rims, which would be likely to use 120 section front and 160 section rear tires.

The last time we saw the motorcycle it was being tested on carburetors, but since then Royal Enfield have produced a full range of Euro 4 compliant motorcycles, including the new Himalayan, so it’s fair to assume the new 750cc Continental will be ready with fuel injection from launch date.

Although Royal Enfield didn’t deny the existence of the new 750cc Continental, they also couldn’t confirm an expected release date or price – but did reveal that the new Royal Enfield Himalayan will make its way to the Thai motorcycle market this year.

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