Use the Right Brake Pads for your Motorcycle

Some motorcycle owners select the wrong brake pads, brake pads consist of two components, a metal backing plate and the actual brake pad itself. The pad consists of a mixture of materials including rubber, brass, copper and Kevlar that all combine to make a compound with a high friction co-efficient. Asbestos used to be used but has now been banned.

The brake pad compound is attached to the plate through a combination of glue and extreme pressure as well as using either holes or locating pins on the plate. The ratios of the components in the brake pad affect its braking performance and how it not only grips the discs, but also its wear rate.
You motorcycles brake pads react like tires, and in just the same way that tires have different compounds of rubber, brake pads have different compounds. Race compound brake pads are designed to work at high temperatures on track (like race tires) and need to be up to temperature to grip, which is why it's a bad idea to use them on the road.

Sintered road pads are designed to work at all temperatures. Sintered just means the brake pad has metal components in it, which helps the pad retain high friction qualities over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Therefore use the right brake pads for your motorcycle, the wrong brake pads can make your ride dangerous.
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