The Real Motorcycle Crash Killer

If you fall off your motorcycle and smack your head on a hard surface, the consequences are often dire. Head injuries account for roughly 70 percent of motorcyclist fatalities. But what actually causes irreparable damage to motorcycle riders heads in crashes? Well, according to to some scientists, who conducted a wide study of motorcyclists injuries, only one-third of head injuries are caused by direct force form impacts.

In almost twice as many instances, the injury is caused by indirect force, where damage results not from the impact itself but from the rapid rotation of the head it triggers. Indeed, in more than 10 percent of cases, the injury occurs on the opposite side of the head to the site of the impact. In these cases, shock-absorption alone isn't sufficient.
No matter how good your motorcycle helmet is at absorbing impact energy, it might not save you from harm. Some helmet manufacturers are now including new anti-rotation technology into there helmet designs.

In the critical moments after a head impact, when your helmet deflects off the surface it has hit, your skull – to which your helmet clings – moves suddenly and extremely rapidly. Your brain, inside, is forced to shift further and faster than nature ever intended, with a G-force that shocked all scientists. This often causes shearing and tearing of nerves and blood vessels in the brain, which may result in untreatable swelling and bleeding.
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