The REV'IT! Phantom GTX Motorcycle Gloves

How do you create a sport motorcycle glove with great feel and keep it waterproof? Previous generations of Gore-Tex gloves got the waterproof construction right but, essentially, you had to wear two gloves: an outer leather shell and a fabric glove inside it that had the waterproof laminate.

This two-glove concept kept water out at the cost of tactile feel. Five years ago, Italian company OutDry released a new technology that expanded and bonded a waterproof liner directly to the inside of boots and gloves, but that is still seeing limited use in motorcycling, Gore-Tex responded with its X-Trafit technology, which uses a closely fitted, waterproof inner liner bonded at a number of locations to the outer shell. Among the companies using the X-Trafit liner is REV'IT! for its Phantom GTX motorcycle glove.

The REV'IT! Phantom GTX glove design lives up to its promise, with feel as good as a typical roadracing glove and waterproofness demonstrated during some hour-long rain showers on an unfaired motorcycle. In addition, REV'IT! Added a number of protective features that are not typically found on touring motorcycle gloves, including hard-shell knuckle and pinky-finger protection and energy-absorbing foam for the thumb and pinky.
Also like roadracing gloves, the REV'IT! Phantom GTX gloves have a Velcro-adjustable gauntlet and wrist strap, which need to be loosened and snugged down each wearing. While a slight annoyance, that feature almost guarantees the gloves will stay on your hand in a crash. In fact, our test gloves survived an 80 km/h crash on a gravel road with no more damage than some visible abrasion to the outer goatskin.

REV'IT! Motorcycle gloves have a reputation for running slightly small, and our REV'IT! Phantom GTXs were a relatively snug size Large, but they broke in wonderfully after several hours of use.

In the end, the REV'IT! Phantom GTX motorcycle gloves are one of the best waterproof, warm-weather sport-touring gloves we've tried, with features and protection that approach those of some roadracing motorcycle gloves.
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