The Pirelli Angel GT Sport-Touring Tire

That minuscule contact patch under your tires is a miracle worker, considering the grip it provides for acceleration, cornering and braking. And grip in cold, wet conditions is an even tougher task, one that Pirelli' s new Angel GT sport-touring radial tires seeks to address, while maintaining good durability.

As Pirelli explains most wear occurs as the working surface slows under compression and then accelerates while rotating away from the road. Since physics can't be changed, Pirelli revised its tire construction to widen and shorten the contact patch for improved wear characteristics.

Grip is a function of the tire carcass conforming to the road surface and the rubber compound's ability to cling to it. An improved profile providing a linear transition from straight up to full lean, as well as a grippier compound on the shoulders, is said to provide good cornering grip.
The Pirelli Angel GT is targeted at naked-bike, sport-touring, sportbike and touring riders who want multi-season traction and durability. Hence, motorcycles such as a Kawasaki Versys, Yamaha YZF-R1 and BMW R1200RT are excellent machines to use the Pirellu tire.

We tried the new Pirelli Angel GT on one of our motorcycles and found it provided uniformly excellent feel and a high degree of confidence and stability. The testing proved it's a racetrack-capable sport-touring tire that also appears well suited for the road.
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