The Perfect Motorcycle Suspension Set-Up

We all searching for the perfect suspension setup, but the problem is that there is no such thing as an optimal motorcycle suspension setup when it comes to riding on the road, well there is but it's ever changing. The thing is the incredible amount of variables such as tarmac conditions, moisture levels, temperature, and the day-to-day difference in how quickly you feel like riding.

However, it is possible to setup a motorcycle suspension with the best compromise for the majority of the conditions you'll likely be riding in. Which is exactly what motorcycle manufacturers do.

Your first job should be to check that your motorcycle's suspension is set to factory settings. The previous owner may have got creative with the spanners. Thankfully, although most suspension if fully adjustable these days, the range of adjustablility is intentionally pretty small to prevent people completely ruining the handling of their motorcycle and crashing it on the first bump they hit, but returning the suspension to standard is still a must. If you haven't got the motorcycle user manual, you can search Internet.
Now go out and put some kilometers on the motorcycle. Once you have got to know the motorcycle and feel more comfortable with it, there's a possibility you'll identify an area of weakness that needs addressing. If so change one parameter one or two clicks at a time. This should allow you to ascertain which changes are working to you favor and which aren't.

You can always post on our motorcycle suspension setup forum if you need any more tips on a specific handling issue, should you have one.
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