The Orginal 1969 Honda CB750

Few motorcycles have had such a profound effect on the history of motorcycling as has the Honda CB750. To many admirers, it remains the original Superbike.

No doubt about it, the original Honda CB750 was an awesome machine of engineering. It was powered by a four-cylinder OHC four-stroke engine that was rated at 67 horsepower at 8,000rpm. Carburetion was achieved by four 28mm Kehin carburetors and a five-speed transmission came stock. To complete this virtual revolution of a motorcycle, the original 1969 Honda CB750 model came equipped with a disc front brake – a first for a production motorcycle.
Riding the Honda CB750 was a miraculous experience for the day. It was virtually vibration-free! The power delivery was so smooth and the braking superb. But what had everyone smiling was its excellent reliability. Before the Honda CB750, a rider needed a certain amount of mechanical skill. But after the emergence of the Honda CB750 in 1969 and the many other Japanese motorcycles that flooded the market afterward, riders could concentrate a lot more on their riding and a lot less on wrenching.

What to know how much some things have changed? The 1973 Honda CB750 was offered to the public for a suggested retail price of US$ 1,702. They sold like pancakes and, in the process, drove a stake right through the heart of the British motorcycle industry.
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