The Nexx X.D1 Voyager Adventure Helmet

It's seems never-ending, my quest for a motorcycle helmet that fits so well it's not begging to be removed by the end of a long ride. But now, after a week with the Nexx Voyager X.D1dual sport helmet, I may have found the ultimate adventure helmet.

I was surprised by the light weight of the latest dual-sport/adventure helmet offering from Nexx. It's weighs 1400 grams for road use and 1500 grams in dual-sport mode, beating most other motorcycle helmets I own. And its available in vibrant color schemes make it stand out, extremely visible.

A new safety feature we're seeing more often these days makes removal of the helmet from a downed rider much easier: Just pull on two red tabs and the inner cheek pads disengage, allowing medical technicians to safely remove the Nexx X.D1 helmet without stress to the head or neck. As a bonus, this feature also makes it easier to clean the interior.
I originally took the Nexx X.D1 Voyager helmet for a weekend trip to Khon Kaen and back to Bangkok, but I had to cut it short and traveled back Sunday early morning – still I had done some off-road, and plenty of on-road in tropical heat. I was astounded by how well it felt and breathed. It's been a big issue for me to find a dual-sport helmet that doesn't squeeze my cheeks. The Nexx X.D1 is even prescription glasses-friendly.

The Nexx X.D1 Voyager I used featured an internal drop-down sun visor with an 80 percent tint, which is probably not legal in Thailand. The internal drop-down visor can be used without the outer visor down. The outer visor can also be removed for off-road riding with goggles and the beak is detachable, too.

As I said before I did some off-road riding wearing the Nexx X.D1 Voyager. The helmet performed flawlessly, never feeling heavy or unbearable. Through some rain it kept me dry. And, there was plenty of ventilation, keeping my head cool on hot moments.

The only issues were slight vibration and wind noise from the beak when doing higher speeds. When using my Bluetooth system the wind noise was too loud for phone calls above 60km/h.

The Nexx X.D1 is available in several colors and versions and cost 14,000 THB for a plain color version while the multi color version and special ASEAN project version cost 15,000 THB. The special Nexx X.D1 Bluetooth kit cost an extra 7,900 THB. I comes in 2 shell sizes: XS - MD and LG - 2XL.Tag: Nexx X.D1 Dual-Sport Adventure-Bike Helmet Full-Face-Helmet Adventure-Helmet Fiberglass-Shell Aramid carbon-fiber CoolMax Glasses Friendly Helmet
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