The New Shoei NXR Motorcycle Helmet

The Shoei NXR, if you want a full-face motorcycle helmet check out the new Shoei NXR range from the Japanese motorcycle accessories manufacturer. The Shoei NXR is the seventh new design from Shoei in less than five years.

The Shoei NXR motorcycle helmet feature a newly developed CWR-1 visor system for improved clarity of vision. The thickness and the curvature of the anti-fog visor has been optimized and a new base-plate offer a 'down and press' action for easy opening and closing of the visor.

With air intakes placed in the center of the forehead and both sides of the Shoei NXR a stable absorption of riding wind is possible, this is esecially effective in a sports riding position.
The new Shoei NXR made from Shoe's AIM+ material which is the same material used to make the Shoei XR-1100. The new Shoei NXR will eventually replaces the Shoei XR-1100.

Features washable inner lining and improved internal cheek and ear padding to reduce wind noise.
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