The New 2012 Kawasaki D-tracker 150

Kawasaki's new D-tracker 150 supermoto is still a bit underpowered. But the new air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder, SOHC 2-valve, 144cc engine is remarkably better than the previous 125cc Kawasaki D-tracker.

Kawasaki's new D-Tracker 150 is like extremely fun to ride. It's got 14-inch wheels, a scaled-down steel tube frame and titchy running gear. So is the Kawasaki D-tracker 150 better than the 125? To start with , yes. The Kawasaki D-tracker 150 graphics look much cooler than the D-tracker 125. I remember the original D-tracker 125 and the engine power was limited to only 10 horsepower. The Kawasaki D-tracker 150 pumps out 12 horsepower at 8,000rpm and 1.2 Kgf.m at 6,500rpm, which on paper would not impress much people as it's just a little bit more, but riding the little machine will change your mind.
Keeping up with traffic is relatively easy, but you'll find yourself out-gunned on a straight line by most sporty motorcycles and scooters on the Thai roads, but, the situation changes when you're navigating heavy traffic as the Kawasaki D-tracker 150, with it's quick and sharp cornering, is in its element.

Overall the Kawasaki D-tracker 150 is all good fun though. The titchy chassis is remarkably competent, helped by the genuinely-good supermoto rubber and decent brakes. Together with the minimal mass and narrow dimensions, you'll find yourself catching and passing those fast modified sporty motorcycles on the average commute.

So, the Kawasaki D-tracker 150 still has some performance problems, mini-dimensions. But in the right environment, the Kawasaki D-tracker 150 can deliver maxi-smiles...
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