The Motorcycle Boots - How to Choose

Because laces can get tangled, normal lacing isn't usually a motorcycle boot feature except for the lowest-end motorcycle boots. More common is a zipper on the inside with a velcro flap. This is easy to use. Top race boots commonly use an internal armored boot (no-a-day usually carbon-fiber) that actually is covered by the outer boot (in leather or synthetic leather) that makes wearing these cumbersome but the protection levels are incredible. For our purpose we are simply looking for a closure system that doesn't take forever to use while ensuring the boot stays on the foot in a crash.

Motorcycle Boot Fit

Motorcycle boots should fit as snug as you like and feel like an extension of your foot on the motorcycle. Thicker soles last longer but may rob you of feel. One thing to remember is that because of the armor, motorcycle boots take longer than normal boots to 'break-in' and they also flex and stretch less than normal boots so getting the fit right at the start is critical.

As usual, we are looking for a snug, comfortable fit. Armored motorcycle boots feel very different from normal footwear and the armored areas – like the toe-box and heel cup don't really loosen up over time. So pay extra attention to how they feel and whether you'll be comfortable. If you're going to spend a lot of time off the motorcycle in the boots, then, also see how easy it is to walk around.
Hyperflexion protection usually involves plastic on plastic contact and can be noisy and squeaky in daily use. In my case. I cannot walk into the office without various people looking up to see why there seems to be a creaky door in the office.

Motorcycle Boots Materials

Leather is the best for abrasion resistance. Lorica, a synthetic leather is considered equally good and is perhaps more stable once wet than natural leather. Waterproof boots can be made of leather but look for a waterproof membrane (like Gore-Tex) – that's what makes the boot waterproof. Casual styles come in other materials but serious motorcycle boots usually are leather or Lorica.

Motorcycle Boots Waterproofing

Nothing is fully waterproof forever. Waterproof boots should have a membrane, be tall (so there isn't a gap between trouser and boot for the water to get in) and the zip closure should have a sealed back to prevent water ingress.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Boot?

A large chunk of your decision will be based on your budget. But think about what you are going to use it for. Touring styles make the best all-round motorcycle boots but waterproof boots can prove too warm to use daily in Thailand. If you're going to wear them with office trousers then look at more restrained styles. The big decision is whether you're okay with a shorty boot or want full height boots. The latter are harder to wear off the motorcycle under denim trousers for example.

Non-Motorcycle Boots?

Best avoided for serious riders. If you must, stay away from sneakers. Ger a leather boot that goes above your ankle with a solid closure system at the very minimum.

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