The MV Agusta F4Z - Built by Zagato

A breathtaking blend of style was the product of collaboration between coach-builder Zagato and MV Agusta, the stunning F4Z, unveiled at the Concours d’Elegance Chanilly Arts & Elegance. The only remaining Italian coach-builder company to be independent and still in the hands of its founder’s family, Zagato shaped the MV Agusta F4Z, based on the standard mechanics of the MV Agusta F4, as a one-off piece for a Japanese entrepreneur, a collector of Zagato cars and Italian motorcycles.

The MV Agusta F4Z’s bodywork was designed and engineered by the Zagato team and built with aluminum and carbon fiber. It consists of a limited number of relatively large panels – a characteristic that, in the automobile world, sets apart collectibles from mass-produced cars.

Compared to the production MV Agusta F4, the F4Z features entirely different bodywork. Some part had to be adapted and re-engineered, others fully replaced by components that were made specially, such as intake manifolds, fuel tank, battery and exhaust system.

For MV Agusta, founded in 1945 by Domenico Agusta, the F4Z represents a different result compared to the traditional rules of customization in the motorcycle sector: the brand’s entrance into the niche of collectibles, built on request and expression of exclusivity, uniqueness and investment in durables.

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