The Lifan LF250-B, The 250cc Cruiser

The Lifan LF250-B, a 250cc V-twin cruiser is a good machine with all of the ease of low seat height and excellent road handling. The Lifan LF250-B is build in China, but we don't see that as something negative, we're not here to convince you one way or the other, since you'll already have made up your mind based on preconceptions.

The Lifan LF250-B with its 250cc V-twin engine could be considered as a learner motorcycle with all of the ease of use of a small motorcycle but with a look that punches above its weight. With its low seat height of 670mm and forward mounted foot-pegs, the Lifan LF250-B is comfortable for all riders.

I did worry what the Lifan LF250-B reminded me of, though. Every time I parked it and sat and looked, there was something on the tip of my tongue, or just out of reach. I knew the LF250-B reminded me of something, but of what?

Mind you, those thoughts vanished when I turned the key and I just began to enjoy the life less hurried. The 5 speed gearbox is smooth after the engine is on the right temperature, the clutch is also not the lightest, all I need to say the more I used the motorcycle the easier the clutch became. For the fueling of the LF250-B, Lifan still uses a carburettor but no complains about that, it works perfectly, just twist the wrist and go.

Basic controls, there is a throttle on the right-hand grip, plus the front brake, while the left-hand grip has the clutch lever. The dash is also very simple, almost retro style.

With the excellent road handling when you're riding, your thoughts turn to riding better, since you've got more concentration available, the LF250-B gets up and goes cleanly off the line and tracks through corners sweet and true, with little grounding of the footpegs. The brakes, too, work more than acceptably and there's very little to complain about in terms of overall dynamics.

The Lifan LF250-B is never going to be the motorcycle for everyone but, if you value a low seat-height and the ease of use, wrapped up in a package that has some visual bulk and allows you to live the cruiser dream at a low price, the the Lifan LF250-B is well worth a test ride. The quality seems to be good, it feels solid.

There are still some question marks over long-term quality, especially the chroming, but the price does a lot to overcome the worries, especially since the Lifan LF250-B is unlikely to be your last motorcycle.

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