The Latest Garmin Zumo 390LM Satellite Navigation

Gamin produce a variety of navigation products and they’ve got four SatNavs designed specifically for motorcyclists. The Garmin Zumo 390LM on review here comes in at the second cheapest in the Garmin range. The LM stands for ‘Lifetime Maps’ meaning all future standard maps can be updated for free.

On first inspection it’s hard to ignore just how many different components are crammed into the product box, with various mounting options available. The quick start instructions and mounting guide, both provided in English, are compact and concise, though there is no user manual included which is a shame. But you can download the user manual from the Garmin website.

There are two ways to mount the cradle on the motorcycle, using the u-bolt or attaching the handlebar base to the clutch or brake clamps. Mounting the SatNav took about 20 minutes, this including routing the charging cables from the battery to the Ram Mount. The charging cables from the battery to the Ram Mount. The charging cables supplied have bare wire ends and for the price of the product it’s a shame that they don’t come with the battery connectors already fitted as standard.
Once mounted the Garmin Zumo 390LM looks really smart and is particularly simple to use. The device is packed full of useful features and its 4.3 inch screen is a good size that is exceptionally easy to operate with gloved up hand. I set the brightness to 100% and the screen was easy to see in the glaring sun. Without having the charger connected I was getting approx. four hours of battery life with full screen brightness.

The Garmin Zumo 390LM is advertised as being both rugged and waterproof and I can confirm these claims after having it mounted for a tough weekend on the trails which included a few periods of heavy rain. Bouncing over the rocky lanes, the mount never moved and the Garmin stayed securely in its cradle.

Amongst my friends I’m known as the ‘Map Man’, tending to favor physical maps over digital devices, however after seeing how simple the Garmin Zumo 390LM was to use and the features available I am definitely now a convert. The Garmin will always have a place on my motorcycle that’s for sure. I will be upgrading the standard maps to a more OS-style map for better use when green laning and to further increase the product’s potential. Tag: Garmin SatNav Satellite Maps Zumo-390 Navigation
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